Kimonos, Coats, Boleros (Reversible)
Reversible Kimono Jacket, free size.
Reversible Kimono Robe with Belt, free size.
Reversible Coat with Pockets, two sizes (small/medium), open in front.
Reversible Filipiniana Bolero, one size, medium, fits most.
All made of polyester blend fabric with linen-feel. Handwash in cold water, wrinkle-resistant, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
Click here for information about availability, pricing, and sizing.
Garment - Reversible Coat with Pockets
Garment - Reversible Filipiniana Bolero
Garment - Reversible Kimono Jacket
Garment - Reversible Kimono Robe with Belt
Print - Egrets & Palay
Print - Philippine Eagle in Black & White
Print - Philippine Eagle in Brown
Print - Philippine Eagle in Coral & Cobalt
Print - Philippine Eagle in Emerald
Print - Philippine Eagle in Sapphire
Print - Sabong
Print - Sea Garden Bottle Green & Cream
Print - Sea Garden Orange & Navy
Print - Swallows White & Gold
Print - Tamaraw in Ivory & Red
Print - Tamaraw in Peach & Navy
Print - Tamaraw in Yellow & Porcelain
Print - Tropical Black & Red
Print - Tropical Jade & Emerald
Print - Tropical Navy & Cream
Print - Tropical Orange & Porcelain
Print - Tropical Taupe & Pink
Print - Tropical Yellow & Navy
Print - Visayan Leopard Cat & Nautilus
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