Historical Architecture In Manila

Malate Church


Malate Church is not particularly large, or grand, but it remains one of Manila's most beautiful and prominent landmarks. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be maintained very well, and the urbanized city around it seems to press on it and crowd it out.


The very old-looking stone exterior of the church can seem somewhat gloomy, especially after dark. The building looks sadly out of context amidst its highly urbanized surroundings.


The interior is something of a mismatch for the exterior, I think, personally, because while the exterior looks very old and rough, the interior is simply white. The lighting inside can also be improved, as it seems a bit dim. The stained glass windows are surely beautiful by themselves, but placed in the starkly white interior they look a little dingy and out of place. The ceiling is dome-shaped, and thick cornice moldings and pilasters adorn the walls.

Generally speaking, I much prefer the exterior of the church to the interior. The old-looking stones that make up the wall are very beautiful. Hopefully they are not being eroded too much by all the urban pollution going on around the building. The church facade has some very interesting shapes, with arched and octagonal windows, and trefoil arches. It is also decorated with pilasters, moldings, and half-balustrades.


Unfortunately, mass was going on at this time so I couldn't stay inside the building for very long.

Author's Note:
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-- Feanne, a Filipino artist.
March 2012