Feanne, April 2016 / Photo by Addie Bernal & Josef Carbonel

Hello, I'm Feanne, a Filipino artist based in Manila and London.
I specialize in detailed freehand illustration, focusing on surface, pattern, and print design.
My current works feature Philippine flora and fauna depicted in intricate patterns printed on fabric for scarves and kimonos.
I also enjoy singing and songwriting.
For inquiries or commissioned work, please email me at .

I'm highly interested in advocacy and research related to healthy food, sustainable farming, responsible technology, and social justice.
You can read more about it on my blog, Sustainable Manila, which also contains a directory listing of businesses and projects in Metro Manila for healthy, eco-friendly, organic, biodynamic, sustainable, handmade, artisanal food and goods.

I built this website myself as a simple CMS using HTML, CSS, PHP, and a little JavaScript.
I've released the code as a free open source package called Gallerina for anyone who wants to use it for their own online portfolio.