A simple, minimal, lightweight, elegant, open source gallery CMS I built for my own online portfolio.
No database or special installation needed; just create folders and text files to manage content.
Gallerina is ideal as a visual artist's simple portfolio.


Download Gallerina.zip 52kb
View Demo
View Instructions - included in the download package, inside the gallery-help folder


  • Main gallery page lists and links to projects;
    a project displays images and descriptions
  • Create a project by creating a folder and placing images in it
  • Edit text files to add titles, descriptions, etc.
  • Simple and elegant default style; customize with CSS


  • A server with PHP
  • Expertise in creating and editing folders and text files ;)
  • To style the gallery: basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP


  • March 2012 release
  • Built on PHP 5.3.8 on the built-in Apache 2.0 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard
  • Stylesheets based on Boilerplate CSS Framework, lightbox effects using jQuery

Recommended Use

Gallerina is designed to help you showcase your best work - it was not built to handle large numbers of files and folders.
It's up to you to decide how many projects and how many images in each project, but note that there is no pagination system.
Around 30 projects maximum might be ideal. If a project displays full-sized images, maybe 25 images maximum;if a project displays thumbnails, maybe 45 images maximum.

Author's Notes

I built this for myself while updating my website. I got tired of coding all the HTML by hand whenever I'd add some new drawings or projects.
I wanted to be able to update my portfolio just by creating a folder for a new project, or adding image files to an existing project's folder, or writing titles and descriptions in text files. So... I wrote some PHP to do that.
It saved me so much time in updating my portfolio!
Since it might be useful to other artists, I decided to polish the code, write instructions, and release it as open source.
Hope it will be of some use to you. :)